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How inclusive is your workplace culture?

Every business leader wants to create a work environment where each and every associate feels respected, valued, and inspired to participate fully.  Every leader wants their organization to benefit from the power of an inclusive, diverse, and emotionally engaged organization.

The question is how can such a vision be achieved? The answer, is that all of these desired outcomes are the direct product of learned skills.

To meet this challenge, companies need to craft a talent strategy that develops leaders and associates’ critical digital and cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills, and adaptability and resilience.

Now is the time for leaders and associates alike to build their emotional intelligence abilities, including self-regulation, emotional resilience, and flexibility in the midst of conflict and uncertainty.


Are your people prepared for what lies ahead?

Are your leaders equipped to excel and transform the business?


We invite you to attend our Meaningful Alignment 45-minute webinar.

This free Meaningful Alignment webinar is for you if:

  • You struggle to maintain emotional composure when under pressure and duress.
  • When you have a conversation with another, you feel ill equipped to handle emotional reactions that come your way.
  • You know you need to build a far stronger and more effective relationship with a colleague but you are at a loss of how to have the conversation where both of your needs are met.
  • You know how vital emotional intelligence is for professional development today, but exactly how do you go about improving your ability to manage emotions and increase resilience?
  • You are struggling to let go of past issues with a colleague, and it has created ongoing tension whenever you work together.

We are offering our free 45-minute Meaningful Alignment Webinar on the following two dates:

Thursday, June 25 at 12 pm CT

Thursday, July 9th at 12 pm CT

Here is some recent feedback from webinar participants:

“It was a great virtual program! Very impressed with the operation of it.”


“The program was awesome. I really liked Susan a lot. I think I asked five questions so it was like I had my own personal therapy session! Great job!”


“I SO enjoyed the webinar today! Susan Steinbrecher was a great speaker, and I learned a few new techniques I need to begin using!”


“Susan is very professional and personable.”


“Great program!”


“Fabulous!!!! Really enjoyed it!”


“Susan was awesome.”

We are excited to share some amazing skills and tools with you. Once you register for either event, we will send you a confirmation and provide you a link to download materials.

We look forward to helping you build your emotional composure and resilience as well as helping you conduct a meaningful alignment conversation.


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