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Encouraging emotional connections between managers and employees is the key to better performance and improved employee engagement.

In collaboration with Heart Centered TECH, Susan and her Meaningful Alignment coauthor, Dr. Robert Schaefer are excited to announce that they are offering a one-of-a-kind Heart-Centered Leadership and Endurance Workshop.

The workshop will be offered in four two-hour modules beginning on October 27th.

Who should attend?

The experience is designed for leaders and managers at all experience levels who:

  • Want to maintain highly effective leadership—so you can achieve extraordinary things for yourself, your associates, and your organization.
  • Have been satisfied with your own personal results as a leader yet face fatigue and challenges of endurance.
  • Have a desire to lead in a way that supports continued values.
  • Want more than an introductory level of experience of the what, why and how of Heart-Centered Leadership.
  • Want a well thought out plan for evolving your journey of being a Heart-Centered Leader and the tools of endurance.

This comprehensive workshop will: 

  • Explore what defines a good boss and a bad boss, and the impact of each.
  •  Review the research that indicates why being a Heart-Centered Leader is critical in today’s business world if you are going to be successful.
  •  Discuss what defines the principles and virtues of a Heart-Centered Leader and how to put these principles and virtues into action in the face of ongoing challenges.
  • Provide examples of how other leaders have applied or not applied the principles and virtues of a Heart-Centered Leader and the impact.
  • Explore where you currently stand with regard to the principles and virtues of a Heart-Centered Leader and where and how you’ll go from here to power up endurance levels.
  • Share situations, insights, understandings, and ideas with other leaders.
  • Allow you to recognize, at a deep level, that you have a choice regarding your legacy as a leader.

Workshop Time:

The one day workshop is broken down into four 2-hour modules via the Zoom application., starting Oct. 27, Nov 10 & 24 and Dec 8th. 4pm – 6pm PST. Each module is spread out two weeks apart allowing participants to learn concepts and then apply those concepts in between modules. 

Open Forum sessions are voluntary every other week (Nov. 3 & 17, Dec. 1) for participants to engage on their own accord and discuss any topic or address anything they want in a heart centered discussion.

Each module Includes active and reflective learning exercises for each of the seven principles and virtues of heart-centered leadership, and personalized development plan goals to maintain endurance.

 Cost: $349.00 per participant

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