How well do you handle emotionally charged, high-stakes conversations?

Take the Interpersonal Dialogue Profile™ assessment and find out!


The Interpersonal Dialogue Profile™ (IDP) assessment is a core component of the Achieving Meaningful Alignment workshop. It is designed to help you identify which dialogue styles you tend to use with others, particularly when the stakes are high, and conflict could occur.

The purpose of the IDP assessment is to help you…

  • Discover your unique approach to interpersonal communication
  • Expand your emotional intelligence and leadership influence
  • Improve your ability to handle often emotionally charged, tough conversations
  • Gain more satisfaction in all of your relationships

Our goal is to help you flourish at work and at home, one conversation at a time!

Take the IDP assessment for just $19.99!


Be prepared. When you know your communication style and emotional preferences, it will help you navigate all types of difficult conversations with inner calm and more resilience.


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The Interpersonal Dialogue Profile measures an individual’s interpersonal behavior style.

A style refers to the way we choose to behave in social interactions involving two or more persons, where alignment and deep understanding are potentially vital to a successful outcome.

Our research revealed six main dialogue styles: Directive, Courageous, Diligent, Interdependent, Harmonious and Cautious (as shown in the diagram).

To learn more about each dialogue style, including your own, complete the IDP assessment.

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