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Here are some ideas to help keep you busy during this time of physical-distancing: 


1. If you have never had the time to practice meditation, now is the time — even if it is for five minutes a day or just deep breathing focusing on the breath for five minutes. (Here is a guided mindfulness meditation to help get you started.)

2. Remember that book that you bought or was given to you that you have never had a chance to read? Now you do.

3. Organize a spa day with your friends online. Pull out that mask, skin treatment sample or other beauty treat that you never used and put it on along with your friends and have a good laugh at each other with your masks on.

4. Arrange an online happy hour. Get with the friends that you might to go happy hour with and do it online with your beverage of choice (yes, water is always a good idea!)

5. Make a gratitude list. Focusing on what you do have/can do is really important right now — versus what you don’t have or can’t do.

6. Clean out closets, drawers etc. Getting rid of the stuff you don’t need will help clear your mind — and your cupboards! Better yet, do you have items that your neighbors might need? Or items that you can sell for a little extra money? Clearing clutter out of your home really shifts the energy and it will make you feel like you can breathe more.

7. Now is the time to try that recipe that you have been meaning to make. Or have you been curious about a plant-based diet? Try making a vegan/vegetarian dish.

8. Clean up your files in your computer system or organize the music on your phone. Delete old folders, and old sent folders. No one likes to do this, but you have the time now to get better organized.

9. Take advantage of all of the free webinars and online learning courses being offered right now. Learn something new!

10. Most importantly, now that we are home with our loved ones it is the perfect time to connect at a deeper level and really get to know each otherListen to understand not to respond. Ask how each is doing through these challenging times and listen without judgment: it is what it is.

A lot of empathy is needed right now, for all of us. There are a number of resources online that offer “get to know one another” key questions. Some are ice-breaker questions, some are designed to stimulate conversation at a dinner party. Go around the room and ask each family member to answer the question and remember empathetic listening is most important. You don’t have to agree with someone’s viewpoint to empathize!

Bonus idea! If you have not taken our Interpersonal Dialogue Profile (IDP) assessment access it here to learn more about your communication style — particularly when under pressure. We will also email you a personalized report. 

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