“Bravo! Meaningful Alignment champions the message that by building a healthy reserve of emotional resilience, you are able to create -- and maintain -- rewarding relationships for the long-term.”


Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions at Work and in Life

Susan Steinbrecher & Robert Schaefer, PH.D

Foreword by David M.R. Covey

Meaningful Alignment will provide you with well-defined, practical, and effective tools to manage your emotions and deftly facilitate the emotions of others during a tough conversation.

About the book…

Carl is an overworked, stressed-out executive who feels he is losing control in many areas of his life. At work, his productivity deteriorates, and he clashes with a peer. His home situation is not much better: he quarrels with his wife, and his son has stopped communicating with him. Carl feels as though his life is on the verge of imploding as multiple difficulties bring him to the brink of disaster.

With the help of a coach and a wise mentor, Carl learns how to build emotional resilience and facilitate the emotions of others — without losing control. Using the Meaningful Alignment program methods, Carl learns to manage his emotions and skillfully navigate high-stakes conversations, with composure and resilience.

“Knowledge is no longer enough.

The huge changes ahead in most aspects of our lives necessitates the need to be able to develop emotionally intelligent interactions with the new, the never before and the altering of human relationships. A timely and important topic. Steinbrecher, as usual, shows us the way.”


— Futurist David Houle

“Meaningful Alignment is a must read for those who have to deal with difficult situations or discussions, whether professional or personal.

It takes a balanced, nuanced approach to problem solving through thoughtful conversation and collaboration, all in the spirit of building and preserving lasting relationships. Our entire team has applied this approach, and it works extremely well. It’s been an absolute game-changer for us; you don’t want to miss out!”


— Bill Duncan, Global Head, Hilton – All Suites, Focused Service, Owner Relations Category


“I loved Meaningful Alignment! The authors speak to more than dealing with emotion and conflict effectively, but with building relationships in an era where relationships are more important than ever before. In this vein, Meaningful Alignment is more than a book about effective communications, it is an essential leadership book. The authors go where many similar books stop – to what they call “the inner game,” where we build the mindset and skills needed to be effective with anyone, even with those with whom we have a history of emotional and dysfunctional conflict. Susan and Robert teach us the inner game through an engaging story about a father and manager who struggles in both domains. As we follow the main character through work-related and family-related emotional turmoil, we learn, as the character learns, how to position ourselves to be effective in emotional, high-stakes circumstances. Read this book – it is a must for anyone who has struggled with how to build and maintain a positive relationship.

Larry Peters

Author of "The Simple Truths About Leadership, Building A People-Centric Culture"

“Through engaging story-telling, Meaningful Alignment reveals how we can overcome obstacles in our business and personal relationships by helping the reader to recognize the difference between various personality types (including their own) and their distinct modes of communication. Meaningful Alignment provides thoughtful and actionable approaches to handling conflict, managing emotions and enhancing one’s communication skills.  A must-read for anyone who wants to achieve alignment in their relationships — both personally and professionally.”

Jill Olander

Executive Vice President Human Resources, Park Hotel & Resorts

“Handling emotions effectively is an indispensable leadership skill in business today. Meaningful Alignment brilliantly paves the way to successfully navigate high-stakes conversations with greater emotional resiliency. A must-read for our times.”

Stephan M. Mardyks

Founder and CEO of Wisdom Destinations and coauthor of "Quantum Negotiation"

“Meaningful Alignment is an eye-opener for all successful people because emotional resilience is an intentional skill which gives you the power to choose happiness.”

— Dr. John Izzo, Bestselling author of The Purpose Revolution, The Five Thieves of Happiness, The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die and Stepping Up

“At a time when we feel more inundated than ever by a constant flow of stress, conflict and over-communication, Meaningful Alignment is a timely and effective tool for significantly improving our most critical relationships at work and, more importantly, in our lives away from the office.”

John W. Robinson III

Chief Executive Officer, Aaron’s, Inc.

“Alignment is a powerful word. It requires trust, respect, and transparency. Each of these requires an uncommon willingness and ability to converse. Most of us have great conversations only by accident. This story will not only resonate with you but also give you insight into how you might have great conversations on demand. Everyone that cares about you will benefit.”

Paul Axtell

Author of "Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids "

“A quick read with a powerful message. Meaningful Alignment hits the mark to bolster success in every aspect of business and life.”

Karin Hurt

Co-author of "Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results—Without Losing Your Soul"

“Meaningful Alignment allows us to see clearly, that the world outside of us is simply a reflection of the world within us. A very timely body of work.”

Mark C. Crowley

Author of “Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century”